Intro to Using Zoom for Online Reacting
4:30 PM EDT | September 24th

Nervous about your transition to online (or hybrid, or whatever)? Using Zoom in your Reacting class? Join us as we share some of what we've learned about using zoom to support your digital classroom community, especially for Reacting classes. This interactive session will include a little personalized practice time for each participant, as well as a Question and Answer portion. Because of the personalized time, we are capping this session at 11 participants. This is also a great opportunity to help train Teaching Assistants or Preceptors who may be helping your classes. Additionally, you can troubleshoot issues that have come up for you so far in the semester.

You'll Learn:
Naming & Renaming & Backgrounds
   and how it can support the liminal 'game frame'
Host/Co-Host status
   and why you may wish to assign these roles to students at different times
The Zoom Chat
   and why you will want to limit it
Breakout rooms ( a lot about breakout rooms)
   how they can maintain the social and persuasive aspects of a Reacting game
   how to use them to structure the flow of the game
The Spotlight Feature
   how you can steer game play and attention
Voting Options
Ways of introducing your students (and student helpers) to zoom, and different zoom decorum options




  • Zoom for Reacting 9/24

    Zoom for Reacting 9/24 [Sold Out]

    September 24, 2020 at 4:30 PM EDT
    A 75 minute live zoom meeting on best practices for using Zoom in your online classes, with Q&A portion and personalized practice time.

    Price $20.00




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